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Snow On The Ground Special

Time once again for my winter special. If I can walk out of my shop and see snow, you save money. 

TINT: 2 front roll ups $80 (VLTs limited to 50%, 35% and 20%, 3 year warranty)

PPF: Hood and fender corners $225 (using 18" bulk material, 5 year warranty)

Services available

Automotive Window Film

SolarFX Window Film


FXtreme2 Ceramic Window FIlm

Lifetime Warranty


Use window film instead of shades for your store front. Protect your home with solar window film that filters 99.9% UV. 

Lifetime Residential Warranty

Premium Shield PPF

Paint Protection Film protects your vehicle from damage by rocks and road debris.

Self-healing Neverscratch technology.

Lifetime Warranty

Ceramic Window Film

This investigative news report explains the benefit of choosing ceramic window film. 

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